WorkplaceAid: A trial on improving mental health and physical first aid skills in the workplace

***RECRUITMENT CLOSED ON 30 NOV 2016 - IF YOU HAVE BEEN RANDOMIZED TO A COURSE, PLEASE LOGIN TO COMPLETE IT BY JAN 2017. Then complete your next online survey for the evaluation. You will receive an auto email containing a link to the survey, but if you misplace it, please login to your learning account and follow the prompts to complete it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT - IT IS VITAL FOR THE PROJECT! ***

What are the aims?
The project will explore how undertaking one of the courses below, impacts on participants’ knowledge, attitudes and skills for assisting someone in the workplace with a mental health problem or a physical injury:

1. eLearning Mental Health First Aid (6-hours online only) OR
2. Blended eLearning Mental Health First Aid (6-hours online plus a 4-hour face-to-face session, delivered in Canberra or Melbourne) OR
3. eLearning Provide First Aid (4 hours online - with option of 1 day assessment)
A Certificate is awarded on successful course completion - valid for 3 years.

Who can take part?
Employees from the Australian Public Service in Victoria and the ACT ONLY. If you are randomized to the Blended Mental Health First Aid course, you must be able to attend a half day 'in person' session in either Canberra or Melbourne.

Please remember that although the training is FREE to you, we are billed for your training and cover this cost for you. When considering whether to take part, please sign up only if you feel committed to completing one of the short courses mentioned above, as well as the online surveys which are part of the research project.